How our program works

Science Research for All is on a mission to promote STEM education through student research to all high school and middle school students.

Through teacher education and in-service, a viable and thriving student research program can become part of a school’s curriculum or after school program.


  • 72% of our students involved in high school research have STEM degrees

  • 55% of our students currently have research-related STEM careers

Latest News

Camden City After School Program

Science Research for All is proud to announce an after-school science research program that has been launched within the Camden City School District. Our virtual educator training session was an absolute joy. Special thank you [...]

Thank You Central Ocean Rotary

We are delighted and thankful for a $500 donation from the Central Ocean Rotary Club of Toms River, New Jersey. Science Research for All founder Pamela-Dixon Kuhn spoke there recently. Thank you so much to [...]

Donate to the Future

We need your help to place a science research program in every public or private school desiring to promote opportunities for interested students, regardless of their academic level.

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